[mythtv-users] MythWeb and Internet Explorer

Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
Thu May 25 05:38:49 UTC 2006

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On May 24, 2006, at 16.10, stan wrote:

> I'm running 0.19 with Fedora FC4.  I'm using a PVR-350, and all my  
> recorded program files are mpg's.
> After configuring apache per the MythWeb readme I was able to right  
> click the recorded program thumbnails in Internet Explorer and use  
> "Save target as" to save the recorded program mpeg file locally on  
> my Windows machine.  The file name shows as .mpg when the mouse is  
> over the thumbnail, but the files saves as .mpeg.

That's an IE issue. We can't help you with that.

>  So far, so good.
> Without changing file associations on the Windows system, I can  
> click on a recorded program thumbnail to wait for a while and  
> eventually see the program played in Windows Media Player.

I assume it's just streaming it to WMP (as in you're not downloading  
it to the hard disk).

>  I changed the .mpg and .mpeg file associations to launch VLC  
> rather than Windows Media Player and repeated the above process.   
> No luck.  Clicking on a thumbnail took me to a "Page not found"  
> rather than opening the program in VLC.

Again, assuming you're streaming, and not saving to the hard disk first.

That's because you're not renaming the file, you're just pointing to  
a file that doesn't exist. Why don't you just use an "Open With"  
command? I know Mac OS X has it, and most Linux Window Managers have  
that feature. I'm 90% positive that Windows has it too.

Let's make it even simpler: Just copy the URL, open VLC, and then  
tell it to stream from the URL. It's all in VLC.

>  Any ideas on the above general problem in getting VLC to launch  
> from Internet Explorer by clicking on a MythWeb program thumbnail?
> Related questions:
> What does MythWeb send as the parameter to the launched program  
> when a thumbnail is clicked?  Does it start with http://?  Does it  
> end with .mpg or .mpeg?

Just look at your Status Bar. The protocol is HTTP, and the file  
extension depends on your version of MythTV, your capture card, and  
the codecs used. Could be .mpg, or .nuv (most commonly). If you're  
looking for a way to view your recordings, just using a front-end  
should prove much better. You can get KnoppMyth, which can run an  
entire front-end from a CD, no installation required (though you will  
have to boot from the CD). There are also some Windows-based MythTV  
clients, I think one is called Tape Worm. I haven't touched Windows  
in ages (OS X/Linux systems for something like three years now), so I  
can't help you too much on that.

>  When I use the Windows file association panel, I can click  
> "advanced" to see the command line that will be used for different  
> actions, or I can click "change program" to change the program that  
> will be launched.  When I click "change program" and change from  
> Windows Media Player to VLC, the "advanced" button disappears and I  
> can only click "restore".  How can I get the "advanced" button  
> after changing the program from Windows Media Player to VLC?

You're asking a Windows question in a mailing list aimed at Linux do- 
it-your-selfers? I'm not sure this is the place to get a good answer  
(let alone a favorable one!). One problem is that you're using IE. IE  
is tied into the OS, and makes a whole huge mess out of things (in  
terms of security, as well). Try using FireFox, or Opera, or  
something non-IE based. They all have options to "Open File With"  
when you choose not to download the file to your hard disk directly.  
It'll also be safer for you in the long run (No ActiveX Security  
holes to worry about, and reduced sensitivity to browser bombs).

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