[mythtv-users] Still Can't Get pcHDTV-3000 Installed

Drew Tomlinson drew at mykitchentable.net
Thu Jan 12 10:43:12 UTC 2006

On 1/11/2006 8:41 PM Brian Wood said the following:

>On Jan 11, 2006, at 9:00 PM, Drew Tomlinson wrote:
>>I assume you mean this "How To"?
>Correct, so you saw the portion I cited.
>>I chose the same options for my kernel as shown under th "pcHDTV  
>>Card" heading.  The menuconfig automatically includes DVB_CX22702=m  
>>DVB_OR51132=m in your config file when you select:
>>Multimedia devices --->
>>    <M> Video For Linux
>>        Video For Linux --->
>>            <M> Conexant 2388x (bt878 successor) support
>>            <M>   DVB Support for cx2388x based TV cards
>>If you enter "Customize DVB Frontends --->" after selecting the above,
>>you will see that you can not set options for
>>[-] Conexant cx22702 demodulator (OFDM)
>>[-] OR51132 based (pcHDTV HD3000 card)
>>So as far as I can tell, I'm missing something else.  Any ideas?
>Unfortunately no, but I have a HD-3000 card that I haven't got around  
>to setting up yet, so I am very interested in this matter. I just  
>remembered seeing that portion of the HT.
>I'm not sure what version of the kernel the HowTo was written for,  
>things seem to be changing even now with the video devices support.  
>I'm not looking forward to the upcoming "merge", although I guess in  
>the long run it will help.
>Isn't "Customize DVB frontends" under DVB and not v4l? This would  
>seem to mean that it should not be selected if you chose v4l conexant  
>support. But I'm not anywhere near certain of this.

Yes, "Customize DVB frontends" is under DVB.  However if you compare 
your actual config file with and without "DVB Support for cx2388x based 
TV cards" selected, you will see that selecting it adds those two 
modules from the "Customize DVB frontends" menu.

>Unfortunately it will be a few days before I can play with my 3000  
>card,  but I'll certainly pass along anything I figure out.

I got it working!  I'm using Gentoo sources for 2.6.13-r5 and selected 
these choices:

Multimedia devices --->
    <M> Video For Linux
        Video For Linux --->
            <M> Conexant 2388x (bt878 successor) support
            <M>   DVB Support for cx2388x based TV cards

I also downloaded "Firmware" from http://www.pchdtv.com/downloads.html 
and unpacked in to /lib/firmware (not  /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware) as the 
page suggest.  I don't remember where I read about that because I did it 
during a previous attempt to get the card working.

Another issue I had was permissions on the actual devices in 
/dev/dvb/adapter0.  They were root:root with 660.  I read something 
about checking /etc/udev/permissions.d/10-pchdtv.permissions.  It was 
there and seemed like it should set the devices up as root:user but my 
devices remained root:root.  So I edited 
/etc/udev/rules.d/10-pchdtv.rules and added 'GROUP="user"' to each entry 
I needed.  Here's an example:

KERNEL="dvb0.dvr*",        NAME="dvb/adapter0/dvr%n"

KERNEL="dvb0.dvr*",        NAME="dvb/adapter0/dvr%n", GROUP="user"

After a reboot, my devices were now owned by root:user and since my 
MythTV user is in the "user" group, it could access the devices.  I 
don't know if that was the "right" way to go about it but it works for 
me. (pointers to the "right" way welcomed)

I tested the card for output as indicated in the guide and it's working 
fine.  Now on the mythtv-setup to finish...  :)


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