[mythtv-users] Still Can't Get pcHDTV-3000 Installed

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Thu Jan 12 14:10:15 UTC 2006

On Jan 12, 2006, at 3:43 AM, Drew Tomlinson wrote:

> I got it working!  I'm using Gentoo sources for 2.6.13-r5 and selected
> these choices:
> Multimedia devices --->
>     <M> Video For Linux
>         Video For Linux --->
>             <M> Conexant 2388x (bt878 successor) support
>             <M>   DVB Support for cx2388x based TV cards
> I also downloaded "Firmware" from http://www.pchdtv.com/downloads.html
> and unpacked in to /lib/firmware (not  /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware)  
> as the
> page suggest.  I don't remember where I read about that because I  
> did it
> during a previous attempt to get the card working.
> Another issue I had was permissions on the actual devices in
> /dev/dvb/adapter0.  They were root:root with 660.  I read something
> about checking /etc/udev/permissions.d/10-pchdtv.permissions.  It was
> there and seemed like it should set the devices up as root:user but my
> devices remained root:root.  So I edited
> /etc/udev/rules.d/10-pchdtv.rules and added 'GROUP="user"' to each  
> entry
> I needed.  Here's an example:
> From
> KERNEL="dvb0.dvr*",        NAME="dvb/adapter0/dvr%n"
> To
> KERNEL="dvb0.dvr*",        NAME="dvb/adapter0/dvr%n", GROUP="user"
> After a reboot, my devices were now owned by root:user and since my
> MythTV user is in the "user" group, it could access the devices.  I
> don't know if that was the "right" way to go about it but it works for
> me. (pointers to the "right" way welcomed)
> I tested the card for output as indicated in the guide and it's  
> working
> fine.  Now on the mythtv-setup to finish...  :)
> Drew
Great, glad to hear it, I'm running 2.6.14 but I think it'll be  
similar enough. I have had the card working outside MythTV and it  
seems to work, so I know I have the firmware etc. correct.

I wanted to grab one of those cards now, before the government makes  
them illegal to sell because they will ignore any sort of "broadcast  
flag" which the evil forces are still pressuring Congress to mandate.

I intended the card for off-air ATSC reception but was surprised to  
find it received all of the digital QAM signals on my local cable  
system, including the premium and pay-per-view stuff, unfortunately I  
have not found any of that worth watching :-)

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