[mythtv-users] Has somebody got a *complete* list of dependencies for mythburn?

Thomas R. Bruce trb2 at cornell.edu
Wed Jan 11 12:50:45 UTC 2006


I've been trying to get mythburn running.  This appears to be a matter 
of getting it from CVS and then trying to follow a progression of 
bug-stomps reported via various discussion spaces.  I'm having trouble 
doing this, for a couple of reasons strongly tied to my own ignorance 
about how transcoding and DVD burning work, made worse by the scattered 
nature of information about mythburn.  

First, which packages/software does mythburn require as prerequisites 
for installation?  Which version of ProjectX, for example? Does someone 
have a comprehensive list, including further dependencies by required 
packages? (for example, ProjectX is either bitching that it needs more 
java libraries from somewhere or other, or it's bitching that it needs 
the means to get them itself, I can't tell which).  I'm installing on 
top of FC4.

Second, can someone briefly describe for me, step-by-step, the process 
that mythburn is implementing?  It would be very useful to know what 
sort of intermediate files/outputs it's expecting from one stage to the 
next, as I have no conceptual map of what series of transformations it's 
trying to make. 

Just trying to catch a clue here, but lacking a net.


Thomas R. Bruce (trb2 at cornell.edu)
Director, Legal Information Institute
Cornell Law School

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