[mythtv] Time to retire mythweb?

Paul Harrison mythtv at mythqml.net
Sun Dec 12 12:52:37 UTC 2021

On 12/12/2021 12:37, Rudy Zijlstra wrote:

> On 12-12-2021 13:20, James wrote:
>>> On 12 Dec 2021, at 8:00 pm, mythtv-dev-request at mythtv.org 
>>> <mailto:mythtv-dev-request at mythtv.org> wrote:
>>>>> Before formally retiring mythweb on RPM Fusion as it doesn't work 
>>>>> with the latest PHP I wanted to confirm that it will not be updated.
>>>> I can't find the reference, but the last statement by the
>>>> devs that I recall was that mythweb was considered
>>>> depreciated, and that while pull requests would be
>>>> considered, do not expect updates/fixes.
>>>> And there are no pull requests in the repo for php 8
>>>> support (and no one has indicated they are actively
>>>> working on it, although who knows if someone is
>>>> doing so).
>>>> With the (upcoming) v32, it has been stated that the
>>>> plan was that a new (internal) replacement will be made
>>>> available which includes the equivalent functionality,
>>>> which is where I suspect most dev time is going towards.
>>>> An alternative for those that are running newer
>>>> distros that use php 8 could be to build your
>>>> own php 7 (likely painful) or run a container
>>>> with apache and php 7 (lots of recipes out there
>>>> to do so).
>>> There was a PR but looks like it got closed because of an undisclosed
>>> issue with it.
>>> https://github.com/MythTV/mythweb/issues/63 
>>> <https://github.com/MythTV/mythweb/issues/63>
>>> The hope is to retire MythWeb and create a new web frontend that as well
>>> as incorporating the features of MythWeb and/or WebFrontend it would
>>> also incorporate a new Web Setup stuff allowing the backend to be
>>> configured from a browser or another client that uses the Services API
>>> so mythtv-setup can be removed.
>>> The current plan is to write the new web backend using Angular that will
>>> use the Services API exclusively and not require direct access to the
>>> MythTV database or the Myth protocol.
>>> If there are any developers familiar with Angular would like to help out
>>> with this then please get in touch :)
>> Some time ago I very rudely described WebFrontend as being for the 
>> mobile phone set.
>> I too use MythWeb exclusively because it just works.
>> I want a tool that does my task, with a minimum of fuss and without 
>> impressing me as to how clever or artisticly talented the programmers 
>> are. If WebFrontend meets those critera  then good else we have a 
>> situtation where developer talent is diluted trying to maintain MythWeb
> in my quick testing from yesterday webfrontend on 31 results in many 
> crashes. mythweb simply works
> Cheers
> Rudy

I think I need to clear something up both MythWeb and the current 
WebFrontend are depreciated and will be replaced by the new WebFrontend 
that will also incorporate the new Web Setup stuff. Exactly how that 
will look like and feel like is undecided. It will likely use Angular 
and Material but even that is open for discussion.

Like I've said before I don't use either, for me it dilutes what MythTV 
was originally supposed to be :( .

All I'm trying to do is to move things along and get devs and users 
motivated to work on it. It's hard enough to get people motivated and 
the negative vibe from this thread really isn't going to improve that.

Paul H.

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