[mythtv-users] ***Spam*** digital radio alarm clock

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Tue Jul 27 02:21:29 UTC 2021

On Mon, 26 Jul 2021 18:38:13 +0200, you wrote:

>Hoi All,
>Until last week, when analog radio disappeared, I used a machine with
>an analog tuner card as my alarm clock. A simple remote boot script
>that then tuned and started radio playback.
>I now am looking for thoughts on how to do this with digital playback.
>My situation:
>- The machine in my bedroom has no digital tuner card;
>- It does have mythfrontend;
>- I have both a hdhomerun and a digital tuner card in the backend and
>  the backend is on 24/7;
>- However the hdhomerun is connected through a dedicated nic on the
>  backend;
>- I’m still running 0.27 under Gentoo Linux.
>I see 3 possible scenario’s, which all include remote booting the
>frontend machine: 
>1. Remote start liveTV on the right radio channel;
>2. Move the frontend machine to the dedicated hdhomerun network and
>   remote tune and connect it to the  hdhomerun;
>3. Do this on the backend machine and stream the audio.
>Any idea’s on scripts or program’s?

You can also allow access to the dedicated nic on the backend by
setting up routing to it via the backend box.  That would allow access
to the hdhomerun from anywhere on your network.  That would require
that the backend box and its hdhomerun network use static IP addresses
or manual DHCP addresses, but you are probably doing that already. The
backend box would need its firewall to allow access, if it has one.
Then you can just run a routing daemon on both the backend and
frontend boxes - I use quagga.  You would set up quagga's OSPF
protocols (ospfd for IPv4 and ospf6d for IPv6).  You could also use
the older RIPv2 and RIPng protocols, but OSPF works better.  If you
want Windows boxes or other devices to see the dedicated nic, then you
would need to set up your router to do RIP or OSPF (if it has that
ability) and those devices would have to send their traffic to the
dedicated nic via the router.

It is also possible to just manually set up routing rules, rather than
using routing protocols to set up the rules.

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