[mythtv-users] mac build

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 21:59:00 UTC 2021

On 27/01/2021 20:57, John Hoyt wrote:
> Well, I tried edit mode from mythvideo and recordings (I hacked the bad 
> recording into my mythbackend replacing an old recording with the bad 
> video).  Unfortunately, I was unable to reproduce the segfault with 
> either cutlist editor mechanism.  Basically everything just worked for me...
> I'm curious if there's some other underlying issue that's creating the 
> segfault.
> James, have you tried telling mythbackend to rebuild the seektable? I 
> think the command is:
>     mythtranscode --buildindex --allkeys --showprogress
>     --infile /path/to/file (for a recording)
>     mythtranscode --video --buildindex --allkeys --showprogress
>     --infile /path/to/file (for mythvideo)

I have had tickets about seektable regeneration in the past, and suspect 
that the most recent work on it has used the form

mythcommflag --rebuild --file ccccc_yyyymmhhmmssxx.xxx     for 
recordings, or
mythcommflag --rebuild --video  /may/need/full/path/to/file  for videos

Those commands also reset the file size.  I've used them in scripts for 
years.  HTH...

> What database and version are you running on your backend?  Perhaps 
> there's a mysqlclient mismatch or bug entering into the fray.
> If memory serves, I believe I built older versions (and so did the 
> scipr) with mysql-10.2 for the python stuff and mysql57 for mysqlclient 
> / qt4-mysql-plugin.  This mismatch issue was due to some macports not 
> supporting mariadb10.2 or later or mysql8.  I'm working these issues out 
> with the macports folks currently and will post updated builds based on 
> mysql8 (going with the "official" mythtv database and what I run on my 
> backend...) when everything is in place.
> ...the Big Sur version that I'm using (and posted to sourceforge) is 
> built with mysql8 on pre-releases of the macports qt5-15.2 and 
> py-mysqlclient +mysql8 ports
> Mark - any other thoughts on what could be causing the segfault?

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