[mythtv-users] Series/Episode numbers in MythCenter-wide theme

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 14:55:35 UTC 2021

Hi Paul!

> I could look at adding the same info to the MythCenter-wide theme as
> well. One problem is the Xmas themes are my themes so I can do what I
> want with those. The MythCenter and MythCenter-wide themes are part of
> the base install of MythTV and so are owned by the project.? Some users
> and some devs generally don't like change and get really pissed off if I
> change too much in those themes:(
> I guess if a majority wants it added then the moaners with just have to
> put up or shut up - they can always create a MythCenter-classic theme if
> it bothers them to much:-)

<chuckle>  Now you've opened that can of worms!  First, we loved the two 
Christmas themes and switched between the two, so a big Thank You!

To us the season and episode number on the main menu aren't important 
but would like to see the total run/recording time. Also would be nice 
to be able to adjust field/font sizes individually, or at least the main 
menu and closed captioning independent.  We like to see the recorded 
"Fri 1/15" and to get that all to display have to decrease the size of 
the Closed Captioning.

So here's a proposal for us 'moaners' (I know that was said in jest) as 
can't please everyone would it be possible to have an options menu?   
Season/episode -- yes/no.  Runtime - yes/no. Maybe certain constant 
items like recorded date have a large/small [font size] option.  I know: 
a lot more work but may solve the noise issue.  (Just thought of 
positioning issues: if select season/episode and not runtime may have a 
column space -- ah, gives us something to moan about! <gg>)


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