[mythtv-users] Series/Episode numbers in MythCenter-wide theme

Paul Harrison mythtv at mythqml.net
Thu Jan 14 22:36:32 UTC 2021

On 14/01/2021 17:30, Simon Hobson wrote:

> For the last couple of weeks we've had the MythCenterXMAS-wide on one of our frontends, which I believe is based on the MythCenter-wide theme. But it shows series & episode numbers in the recording lists which isn't shown in MythCenter-wide.
> Is showing s/e numbers down to a setting I can change, or is it "part of the theme" ? Apart from the XMAS theme not be suitable all year round, I find it hard reading text on picture backgrounds, especially if there's not a lot of contrast (some pictures are worse than others). But I find it really useful having the s/e numbers.
> Simon
I added the season and episode to the Xmas themes at the request of a 
user :-


I could look at adding the same info to the MythCenter-wide theme as 
well. One problem is the Xmas themes are my themes so I can do what I 
want with those. The MythCenter and MythCenter-wide themes are part of 
the base install of MythTV and so are owned by the project.  Some users 
and some devs generally don't like change and get really pissed off if I 
change too much in those themes :(

I guess if a majority wants it added then the moaners with just have to 
put up or shut up - they can always create a MythCenter-classic theme if 
it bothers them to much :-)

This is the commit adding the season and episode info to the 
MythCenterXMAS-wide theme for those interested in playing with this :-


Paul H.

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