[mythtv-users] Series/Episode numbers in MythCenter-wide theme

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Thu Jan 14 21:29:16 UTC 2021

On 2021-01-14 12:30 p.m., Simon Hobson wrote:
> For the last couple of weeks we've had the MythCenterXMAS-wide on one of our frontends, which I believe is based on the MythCenter-wide theme. But it shows series & episode numbers in the recording lists which isn't shown in MythCenter-wide.
> Is showing s/e numbers down to a setting I can change, or is it "part of the theme" ? Apart from the XMAS theme not be suitable all year round, I find it hard reading text on picture backgrounds, especially if there's not a lot of contrast (some pictures are worse than others). But I find it really useful having the s/e numbers.
> Simon

It would be part of the theme. Themes are xml files, which are not 
difficult to understand, and are actually fairly simple to modify.

The themes are usually found in /usr/share/mythtv/themes.

You can diff the Mythcenter-wide vs Mythcenter-XMAS recording-ui.xml and 
schedule-ui.xml to see where the series and episode data is displayed. 
Most items inherit details from itens already described to you really 
only need to use a like item as a base for your details.

Or grep 'Series' or 'Episode' in the XMAS theme if it shows those words 
in the displayed data.

Mythtv extracts the data from the database: the theme pages are used to 
only display the data. Top left is '0,0' and the data is set out in 
display boxes, which are sized: '20,10,100,10'

So '20,10,100,10' is right twenty spaces, then starting down 10, then 
extending a further 100 to the right, and down a further 10 (or, the 
other way round, a box 100 wide and 10 deep, with the top left corner 20 
in and 10 down from 0,0).

Sorry I cannot give any better assistance since I have not seen the XMAS 
theme at all, but if you can find what the data is actually called and 
where the data is placed on the screen, in one theme, adding it the 
other theme should not be too difficult. Keep an original backup and all 
your mistakes can be over-written in seconds!


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