[mythtv-users] need help with station rescan after frequency change

Jim Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 12:32:02 UTC 2020

On 6/30/20 7:31 AM, James Abernathy wrote:
> Last year all but one of my local OTA TV stations changed frequencies 
> as a part of the FCC repacking of the USA OTA channels.
> Today the last one switched.   I can't remember exactly what I did 
> last year, but I remember it was simple. I tried on my development v31 
> FE/BE combo to make sure I had it right before I did anything with my 
> production backend.
> I failed on the initial test.  All I did was use mythtv-setup and in 
> the input connections I did a scan and updated all channels. I still 
> could not receive the channel that moved.
> 1. Do I have to reconfigure XMLTV?  I use tv_grab_zz_sdjson-sqlite. 
> The channel that moved is still called the same thing.
> 2. I have a mixture of HDHR and Hauppauge WinTV Quad PCIe tuners
> Jim A
> BTW I did the rescan on a real TV and it found the new channel

Okay, I think I have this figured out.  I do not know if this is the 
optimal solution, but it worked.

First I used mythtv-setup -> Edit Channels and deleted all channels from 
Video Source 'SD'. Then I re-scanned.

I noticed that when that was done I had a lot of new unwanted channels 
so I marked them invisible.  I also noticed that my channel that moved 
overnight now had the changed freq. from 11 to 9 which is correct.  
However the XMLTV ID was now blank.

So I ran as user 'mythtv':

tv_grab_zz_sdjson_sqlite --manage-lineups --config-file 

Then did option 5 to manually select the channels. That exercise was 
mostly to confirm what I already had.

When I exited, I did mythfilldatabase, then exited user mythtv and back 
in mythtv-setup I found my changed channel had the XMLTV ID.

Next I started mythbackend up and everything is now work.

I have no idea what the right steps are but this worked for me.

Jim A

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