[mythtv-users] Frontend crashes, decoder errors and other V.31 bugs

DaveD mythtv at guiplot.com
Sat Jun 20 06:51:29 UTC 2020

Some recordings won't play.  Sometimes I get "Decoder Error" message, 
some times the frontend crashes.  In both cases the frontend outputs a 
raft of error messages.

First, it outputs about 50 lines of this:

Decoder decoders/avformatdecoder.cpp:3483:ProcessVideoPacket AFD: video 
avcodec_send_packet error: Invalid data found when processing input 
(-1094995529) gotpicture:0

Then maybe 70 or 80 lines (I haven't counted them) of this:

CoreContext mythplayer.cpp:3123:PauseDecoder  Player(0): Waited 100ms 
for decoder to pause

For the decoder error, I tried switching from VAAPI to OpenGL and it 
crashed the frontend.  I have tried all the playback profile options and 
no luck.  I think no matter what I pick, it ends up using VAAPI (I know 
VDPAU is a wrapper for VAAPI).  I also tried disabling the built-in 
ffmpeg, which also caused a crash.  When I get such a recording, I watch 
it with mplayer with no problem (VLC and xine also work).

Another issue I have had is mythcommflag getting hung and having to be 
killed.  When it doesn't get hung, it only finds about half of the 

I have been recording most of our shows via firewire connections on two 
Comcast cable set top boxes on a master BE/FE and a slave BE.  Lately, 
however, I have made great strides in improving my antenna system and 
have been recording more OTA shows.  I have yet to experience any 
problems with OTA recordings; no decoder errors, no crashes, no hung 
comm flag, and the commercials are detected almost 100% accurately.  The 
video is MUCH better (file sizes are also MUCH larger).

I have come to the conclusion that Comcast's compression is causing 
problems with the recordings.  I am concerned that not many users (if 
any) are using the firewire STB tuners and that these problems will 
never get fixed since the devs (and very few users) ever see them.  I am 
going to try setting up an external player, but I'd rather see 
Mythfrontend get fixed.  I'm just not sure how to proceed.

Comments and advice welcome.

Dave D.

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