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Wed Jun 3 11:08:13 UTC 2020

On Wed, 3 Jun 2020 at 09:01, jam at tigger.ws <jam at tigger.ws> wrote:

> I have long used (upto 30) a pair. of haupauge usb tuners
> I recenty upgraded to 31, and after a few fumbles
> I can scan channels
>   I get resonable. results
>   dmesg shows cards found, firmware loaded
>   epg gets reasonable results
> record a channel results in the red no later by X symbol
> Watch live TV shows signal strengh of 90% but no lock
> Record has the unable to get lock pop-up
> What can I be looking for. Using my lucky-packet cards does work, these
> cards used to work
> James
> I suggest to do a channel scan as follows:
- delete the capture cards
- create new capture cards; they will now have the latest default timeout
- create a new video source
- connect the capture cards to the new video source
- do a channel scan, for receiving with an antenna the "Full Scan" is best
and then everything should work.

One possible reason is that the transports (transport stream multiplexes,
stored in table dtv_multiplex) can have old/incorrect values and these
values are not updated with a channel scan in v31. This is recently fixed
in master.
Deleting the channels does not help for this because that does not delete
the transports.

Another possible reason is that there are, in addition to new channels
found with the channel scan, also old channels with the same name/callsign
but with incorrect tuning data. Duplicate channels can greatly confuse the
guide and the scheduler.

Both possibilities are eliminated by using a new video source.

The old video source can be deleted when you are happy with the new one.
In v31 the guide will only show channels from video sources that are
connected to capture cards.

Creating new capture cards is the way to make sure that you have the actual
default values for timeouts. The default timeout values are in v31 bigger
than they used to be in v30 but maybe not yet big enough. Feedback on this
is appreciated.

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