[mythtv-users] MariaDB 10.3.22 Database access with Master and Fedora 31

Bill Meek keemllib at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 22:36:37 UTC 2020

On 7/2/20 5:26 PM, John Pilkington wrote:
> On 02/07/2020 22:09, Bill Meek wrote:
>> On 7/2/20 1:05 PM, John Pilkington wrote:
>>> The section below gave me the 'mistake in syntax' response
>>> Finally, if you just want to restrict by IP subnet (in this example, the 192.168.1. network):
>>>      $ mysql -u root mythconverg
>>>      mysql> create user "mythtv"@"192.168.1.%" identified by "mythtv";
>>>      mysql> grant all on mythconverg.* to mythtv@"192.168.1.%";
>>>      mysql> flush privileges;
>> The following worked for MySQL v5.7 and v8.0 plus MariaDB at least 10.3.iforget,
>> although initially, it was tested with localhost and is in the mc.sql.
>> But I just tried it with an IP and it worked fine (that is, no syntax errors.)
> {{{
> CREATE USER IF NOT EXISTS 'mythtv'@'192.168.1.%' IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password;
> ALTER USER 'mythtv'@'192.168.1.%' IDENTIFIED BY 'mythtv';
> }}}
> Thanks Bill.  I may try it with a specific address first, because I want to be able to run other systems independently.  This stuff works for me 
> for years and it's scary to have to fiddle with it when it stops.
> I'm expecting that grant and flush lines will be needed too.

^^^ Yes.

I expect more of the same as MySQL changes (v8 has already caused issues) and MariaDB
doesn't have the same changes, at least not yet.

<PedPeeve>Too many places with similar information. Makes it tough to find/update all of them.</PetPeeve>


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