[mythtv-users] BE3 - Issues with installation and database

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 16:14:53 UTC 2019

Hi Stephen!

<my font errors>

When I installed that for testing, they turned up here:


That directory does not exist. ...Well, I have to go down to
I would not have expected it to exist on your system.  It is where I
put a second copy of MythTV when I am testing new versions prior to
using them in real life.

    OK, I figured it was a subdir you created but just wanted to make
    sure. If it was supposed to have been created at installation could
    have explained some of the errors I have been experiencing.

DroidSerif-Regular.ttf 'Tiresias Infofont.ttf'

root at Backend-3:/home/barry#
Not present - those "files" are just links to a place where the files
are not actually present - the same links you saw before.  They should
be coloured red if you have colouring enabled, showing that they are
bad links.  My command "rm -v Droid*" in the install instructions
above should have deleted all the bad links.

    I was interpreting the -v as ‘verbose’ which seems to be correct but
    didn’t make sense; getting rid of the bad files and links does make
    sense. Glad someone knows! :)

If faginbagin is right, the bug report he gave us a URL for says it is
a packaging issue that has happened in v30's Ubuntu packages.  The
packages do not install the fonts.  I know from my test builds of v30
that the fonts were in v30 when I downloaded and built it from the
source code - that was how I had them in my
//root/projects/mythtv-master/mythtv/mythtv/themes/fonts//  directory.

    So apparently a bad line of code (amateur’s phrasing) which doesn’t
    extract or otherwise place the font files correctly. (Pardon the
    sloppy phrasings as I sort of know what is happening but don’t know
    details – “Black Box” conceptualizing.)

Yes, using the MythCentre-wide theme, everything just does not feel
right until those fonts are installed.

    Yes, that is right. Before the font correction was legible but

Yes, copying the backend's config.xml and just changing the IP address
is the best way to make sure it will work.  However, it does rely on
each frontend box having a different hostname.  That is usually the
case, as the install process for every version of Linux I know of gets
you to select a hostname for the box.  But just to make sure, you can
run this command on the RPi:


to see what the hostname is set to.  If is vitally important that all
PCs on a network have different hostname settings.

When you set a <LocalHostName> value in a config.xml file, that value
gets used to look up the frontend settings in the backend's database,
instead of using the actual hostname of the PC.  That is a specialised
use of MythTV - you can make multiple different frontends use the same
settings.  But it can also cause problems.  So I am surprised that the
RPi version of MythTV seems to either set the <LocalHostName> value,
or tell you to do it.  It is usually a bad idea unless you know
exactly what you are doing.

    And obviously I don’t! <laff> I do recall setting a hostname for the
    RPi in it’s Frontend set-up but just checked and the response to
    hostname in Terminal isn’t what I set in the MythTV Light
    configuration. Not going to say their configuration is wrong,
    probably something else I didn’t quite understand/misinterpreted.

    As for me using one set of configurations for the multiple Frontends
    – know that isn’t going to work for me!

    So send this up and continue.


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