[mythtv-users] BE3 - Issues with installation and database

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 17:39:49 UTC 2019

Hi Stephen!

Mythweb as always been a separate thing - even from source code, you
have to get it separately.  But if you installed the "mythtv"
metapackage that installs all the other MythTV packages automatically,
mythweb used to be installed.  Maybe that has changed in v30 and you
have to manually install mythweb now, as mythweb is deprecated.

    “Metapackage” sounds familiar so probably what I did with the old
    0.28 Backends here. As mythweb is a past-tense I’ll not attempt to
    install; LIS looks to do the same functions, some
    better. Will probably use Bill’s suggestion and place the redirect
    in the hosts file to make access easier later when I forget what the
    access was. Actually just added that to my printout of what device
    is at what IP address around here.

A 5 GHz WiFi connection works fine when the frontend box has 802.11ac
WiFi, but I think an RPi only has 802.11n, which, depending on how
good the actual connection is, may not be fast enough.  The problem
with 5 GHz is that it does not go through walls nearly as well as 2.4
GHz, so where you have the RPi in relation to the WiFi access point
matters.  In your current (testing) location, it may not work well,
but it may be OK where you actually want to use it, if that is closer
to the AP or has fewer obstructions in between.

    The RPi 3 B+ I’m using is supposed to have the ac capability:

    Networking: Gigabit Ethernet (via USB channel), 2.4GHz and 5GHz
    802.11b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi.


    Well I must admit I had a bit of a panic: the WiFi thingie has to be
    capable of supporting 802.11ac for the RPi to use it! Initially what
    I found didn’t state; website says it does (copied to my Manuals

    Not sure why the issues with the 5 GHz connection during testing –
    both transmitter and receiver in the same room, a few feet from each
    other. Right now sort of a low priority – the RPi was a convent way
    to test; all of the Frontends but one are wired and desktop units.
    (Not putting down the RPi, I love ‘em, just not quite working right
    here – yet.)

Closed captions "just work" for me using normal PC based frontends, so
I think you are probably right that it will be an RPi problem.  Since
I do not have an RPi, I do not think I can help much with that.

    This is the first time I’ve had issues with Closed Captioning; seems
    more of a problem with OpenMax as installed on my RPi. The “High
    Quality” and “Normal” options displayed captions but video displayed
    ‘pulsed’ (stop, go, stop, go) [with or without captioning]; oddly
    (to me!) audio was smooth (came through properly).

It would be easier if BE2 was upgraded to v30 also.  Then you could
just use the trick of swapping the config.xml files to get the
frontends to talk to either BE2 or BE3 until you have finally watched
or deleted all the recordings on BE2.  You might find that easier than
exporting all the recordings to BE3.

    Sort of have done that with the two old Backends (BE1, BE2, both
    running 0.28). Two because of antenna issues: if a ‘bad recording’
    on BE2 may have been recorded acceptable on BE1. Part of the
    reasoning for a good recording is possibly recorded on a 1600 vs.
    2500, though not always. Physical antenna placement is with ten feet
    of each other in the Storage Area (I know!). Where we usually do our
    TV watching has a desktop computer to BE2 and a RPi 3 (the non-5 GHz
    version) to BE1 – change HDMI source on the TV was a lot easier than
    reconfiguring the Frontend.

If you want to go ahead and export all the existing recordings from
BE2 to BE3, then you need to first decide how you are going to move
all the recording files to BE3.  How many recordings are there?  Do
you want to move the hard drive(s) with the recording files from BE2
to BE3?  That would probably be the easiest if there are lots of
recordings.  Otherwise, you would first need to ensure that BE3 has
enough space on its recording drives for all of BE2's recordings, plus
space for any new ones it will be making.

    BE3 (the new one you’ve been helping me with) has a 4 TB HDD and BE2
    has a 3 TB at approximately 70% full but that includes (I presume)
    the deleted recordings and possibly some large log files – the
    percentage reported doesn’t ‘add up’ as the other Backend (BE1)
    reported closer to 70% free and the two BE’s were essentially
    recording duplicates. Back the BE2 preparation, would delete the
    deleted (watched) files, etc., to trim down the job.

Then you would need to set
up network access (using SAMBA?) for BE2 to be able to write files to
BE3's recording drives.  Or you could temporarily install each BE2
recording drive on BE3 to move the recording files.  Or use an
external drive mount to do that.  I will need to know how this is
going to happen in order to do a custom version of mythexport for you.
Also, does BE2 have multiple recording file locations (multiple
directories in its recording storage groups)?  Does BE3 record to any
storage groups other than "Default"?  Does BE3 have multiple recording
drives, or only one?

    Wow! This stuff gets more and more complicated as we get into the
    nitty-gritty!! I’m going to be getting back to you on those details.

    Definitely a TIA on all that!


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