[mythtv-users] Virtualized Windows with capture cards

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Wed May 10 11:20:15 UTC 2017

On Tue, 9 May 2017 20:01:38 -0500, you wrote:

>Since there are no drivers for recent Hauppauge devices under Linux, I
>was wondering whether it is possible to use them in an OS which drivers.
>For instance running a virtual Windows session with either USB or PCI
>passthrough under KVM/Linux or Bhyve/FreeBSD. The slave or master
>mythbackend will be running within windows with access to the capture
>Is this possible?

If you can find some SAT>IP server software for the tuners under
Windows (TBS has a download that might possibly work with other
non-TBS tuners), then you can run the tuners on any Windows box on
your network and use the IPTV tuners in MythTV to record from them.
You can not scan the tuners as MythTV does not support SAT>IP fully
yet, but if you can use some other software to access them and can see
the PIDs used to do it for each channel, you can work out the right
URL for each channel.  I have this working with minisatip running my 8
tuner DVB-S2 card under Linux, and then MythTV recording from
minisatip on two different backends.  I used (payware) DVBViewer on my
Windows box to tell me the PIDs needed for each channel - it can
export a channels.ini file with all the right information in it.  I am
working on some software to use dvbv5-scan under Linux to provide the
data needed for each channel, and then turn that into a playlist.m3u
file that can be loaded by mythtv-setup to install all the channels.

See this page for how it works:


Here is the SAT>IP URL for one of my DVB-S satellite channels:

and here is the section of the playlist.m3u file for that channel:

#EXTINF:0,4000 - Preview 0

Here is the TBS software that might work:


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