[mythtv-users] Virtualized Windows with capture cards

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Wed May 10 14:02:41 UTC 2017

> Hello,
> Since there are no drivers for recent Hauppauge devices under Linux, I
> was wondering whether it is possible to use them in an OS which drivers.
> For instance running a virtual Windows session with either USB or PCI
> passthrough under KVM/Linux or Bhyve/FreeBSD. The slave or master
> mythbackend will be running within windows with access to the capture
> devices.
> Is this possible?

I have often wondered if we couldn't create a psudo HDHR driver.
Essentially, it would present itself to MythTV as an HDHR, however in
reality it would be running on a Windows computer and would stream the
content from a capture device there using directshow.

This would allow MythTV to use virtually any windows directshow compatible
HD tuner.

The HDHR API/"protocol" is well documented and well understood, and I
suspect that it wouldn't be too difficult to grab frames from a directshow
tuner and format them the same way that an HDHR does before sending them
across the wire.

That said, a capture device that can grab a VLC stream would work too...
with a channel change script to tell windows to change channels and start
the stream.  This may already exist for all I know, I haven't checked.
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