[mythtv-users] can't get wakealarm to write to BIOS

Marius Schrecker marius.schrecker at lyse.net
Sun Dec 10 18:09:27 UTC 2017

On Saturday, December 9, 2017 21:27 CET, Swanseasurfing <swanseasurfing at gmail.com> wrote:
 I set up my mythbackend long ago so I don‘t remember all steps properly. It’s an older mythbuntu release. To my mind the folllowing steps were important (these were mentioned in the discussion): Disable HPET (kernel parameter)Disable RTC wakeup in BIOSSetting the timezone (did I have to switch Linux and BIOS to UTC?)Configure mythwelcome and mythbackend according to the wiki dicumentationUse ACPI Wakeup according to the wikiCreating several scripts (e.g. to do some checks before shutdown and to run fstrim once a day)Use a short time being idle before shutdown (otherwise EIT scans would start so that the machine won‘t shutdown) - To my mind I use 5 Minutes Works fine since years. Maybe these steps give a hint on the solving your problem. Kind Regards  Jens 
Hi all and thanks for all the advice.

I had completely misunderstood the BIOS setting and through the RTC wakeup should be enable for it to work.  Disabling that and hpet works for me now, using first test of'
/usr/sbin/rtcwake --mode off -s 120
I'm reckonin that the rest will fall into place now.

One question regarding hpet: Can I expect any performance hit or other problems on mythtv_backend, by disabling it? Google throws up discussions pointing both ways, depending on system use. Mostly just curious, but could there be a smarter way of disabling at shutdown, instead of generically as a kernel parameter?


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