[mythtv-theming] Menu Theme Customization Request

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Wed Sep 22 14:41:32 UTC 2010

  On 9/22/2010 09:55, Ljubomir Manojlovic wrote:
> I'm looking for Menu themes (now is available default, classic, DVR 
> and mediacenter).
> That mean how ALL dialogs with any sort of the settings (so, it is 
> about the MythTV in client PC, it is not about media deletion in media 
> server) should to be in some way hidden from final user (to disable 
> user to make ANY TYPE OF CHANGES in menu).
> I wrote how it is for cyber cafe (it is stupid to limit PC usage just 
> for internet and office), but think about the schools (e.g. 
> educational movies), libraries (e.g. listening music), etc. Any 
> administrator can not permit situation where public user can make 
> changes in media center settings.

Menu themes don't do what you think they do.  They only control the 
first two levels of layout.  Once you get into any of the individual 
sections and plugins, the interface is all hard coded.  The changes you 
ask for would require large amounts of coding and relatively little theming.

MythTV was designed for home use, not commercial, and as such, security 
wasn't even an afterthought.  There is no authentication on the backend 
protocol or XML interface, and no access management to MySQL besides its 
own access credentials.  There is no way to restrict access to content, 
beside the parental controls which take a 4-digit PIN.  There is no way 
to prevent modification or deletion of content, recording rules, or any 
other behavior in MythTV.

There (supposedly) are several commercial installations of MythTV, 
including some hotels, schools, and even one residential cable provider 
in Canada.  These all required heavy modification to get running 
securely, which we have never been submitted back upstream to us.  For 
any paid contract work you are looking for, there is a Google group set 
up to handle that.

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