[mythtv-theming] Menu Theme Customization Request

Ljubomir Manojlovic komitaltrade at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 22 13:55:04 UTC 2010

I'm looking for Menu themes (now is available default, classic, DVR and 

As far as I now, all media centers are predicted for personal usage (more or 
less like home media center), but what about public usage and public media 

Purpose of themes are public usage of MythTV (in this case, for me, it is for 
cyber cafe, as I have Direct TV, huge collection of videos, music and games).

That mean how ALL dialogs with any sort of the settings (so, it is about the 
MythTV in client PC, it is not about media deletion in media server) should to 
be in some way hidden from final user (to disable user to make ANY TYPE OF 
CHANGES in menu).

I wrote how it is for cyber cafe (it is stupid to limit PC usage just for 
internet and office), but think about the schools (e.g. educational movies), 
libraries (e.g. listening music), etc. Any administrator can not permit 
situation where public user can make changes in media center settings.

As far as it is clear how Settings main menu entrance (main entrance should to 
be on the top of the settings menu pyramid - settings submenus) should to be 
protected with password, it is desirable to be also hidden in some way (e.g. 
like Esc button for exit, it can be some other combination to enter in Settings 
area submenus).

I hope so how it is clear explanation and how idea for public media center is 

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On 9/21/2010 23:44, Ljubomir Manojlovic wrote:

Is it somebody interested to customize Menu Theme (it will           be payed 
like job and free available for public use -           practically donation from 
my side for another Menu Theme)?
Are you looking for a new menu theme, or a full UI theme? UI themes     define 
the graphical look and function of the program, and can take     tens to 
hundreds of hours of work.  Menu themes just define the     layout and order of 
the items in the main menu, and can be cranked     out in half an hour by 
someone with no prior knowledge of the XML     schema.

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