[mythtv] Android playback synchronization (was Re: mythfrontend-20210221-arm-v32-Pre-2365-gb6e2003f64)

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 16:23:20 UTC 2021

On 2/23/21 9:34 AM, Peter Bennett wrote:
> On 2/23/21 8:43 AM, John wrote:
>> Playback is very jerky with  the latest android build but fine with 
>> the same release on Intel hardware.
>> Tested on F4K & Shield TV.
>> I cannot say whether the issue is UK specific, tested with 
>> 1920*1080 at 25fps.
>> H264 vaapi is good.
>> Mediacodec and opengl on android poor.
>> Apologies as I can't compile for android I cannot bisect the issue.
>> FWIW mythfrontend-20201222-arm-v32-Pre-1870-g283caa7b84 is fine.
> Have you tried the various options in the playback profile? I believe 
> the default playback profile for Mediacodec may have two entries, the 
> first one being for "Standard" decoding. If you have that it will use 
> Standard for everything and ignore the second entry. Delete the 
> "Standard" Entry if you have one and look at the Mediacodec entry. 
> There are options for Mediacodec and Mediacodec(decode only). Try 
> various options here to see if the problem is resolved.
> You may have already done this. I will try it out later myself to see 
> if I have the same issues and respond.
> At this point I am not working on the mythfrontend playback, Mark 
> Kendall is doing all of the work. I am just doing the packages. If the 
> problem persists, please create a ticket in github and Mark can take a 
> look at it.
> Peter
I tried it and I agree that playback is awful. There seems to be no 
synchronization of audio and video. The video shoots ahead at high speed 
and then slows to a crawl, then repeats that again.

Possibly caused by chrono changes or playback changes.


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