[mythtv] mythfrontend-20210221-arm-v32-Pre-2365-gb6e2003f64

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 14:34:17 UTC 2021

On 2/23/21 8:43 AM, John wrote:
> Playback is very jerky with  the latest android build but fine with 
> the same release on Intel hardware.
> Tested on F4K & Shield TV.
> I cannot say whether the issue is UK specific, tested with 
> 1920*1080 at 25fps.
> H264 vaapi is good.
> Mediacodec and opengl on android poor.
> Apologies as I can't compile for android I cannot bisect the issue.
> FWIW mythfrontend-20201222-arm-v32-Pre-1870-g283caa7b84 is fine.
Have you tried the various options in the playback profile? I believe 
the default playback profile for Mediacodec may have two entries, the 
first one being for "Standard" decoding. If you have that it will use 
Standard for everything and ignore the second entry. Delete the 
"Standard" Entry if you have one and look at the Mediacodec entry. There 
are options for Mediacodec and Mediacodec(decode only). Try various 
options here to see if the problem is resolved.

You may have already done this. I will try it out later myself to see if 
I have the same issues and respond.

At this point I am not working on the mythfrontend playback, Mark 
Kendall is doing all of the work. I am just doing the packages. If the 
problem persists, please create a ticket in github and Mark can take a 
look at it.


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