[mythtv] Does Myth Now Require Qr 5.3?

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 23:56:15 UTC 2018

On 04/24/2018 10:57 AM, Ken Mandelberg wrote:
> Configure only looks for 5.2, but when I tried to compile the latest 
> trunk
> playbackbox.cpp: In member function ‘void
> PlaybackBox::UpdateUIRecGroupList()’:
> playbackbox.cpp:1346:5: error: ‘QSignalBlocker’ was not declared in this
> scope
>      QSignalBlocker blocker(m_recgroupList);
> QSignalBlocker was introduced in Qt 5.3.
> This was on a older Ubuntu 14.04 box, and Ubuntu 14.04  only has
> packages up to 5.2.
> TI am reluctant to update the OS. the box has some older graphics 
> hardware that works quite well with
> Myth, but I wonder how well it will be supported in newer Ubuntu.
> _______________________________________________
This is a recent change (April 16th). I will remove the QSignalBlocker 
and replace it with equivalent code that is QT 5.2 compliant. In the 
meantime you can build off the prior commit a3ae3a82 or wait until I 
make the change (next couple of days).


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