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Peter Bennett pgbennett at comcast.net
Mon May 1 19:10:17 UTC 2017

Hi Stuart
Re-sending this email because I had sent it from the wrong address.

Regarding ticket #13020

I want to make sure what I am doing will be consistent with the release 

Currently, only if MythTV is built with from a git branch called 
fixes/something is the theme download done from the specific version. In 
all other cases the themes are taken from trunk. All builds from a git 
export zip get their themes from trunk. 

I am making changes in the build to ensure the correct version is 
obtained from git, or the tag name in EXPORTED_VERSION, or the VERSION 

I am changing theme download to use "trunk" only if
- the version includes "-pre" (case insensitive),
- the version does not start with a v and a number. I am changing the 
compile to fail if the version does not start with v and a number, so 
this should never happen.

We need to make sure:
- The mythtv/VERSION file has the correct version e.g. "v29-pre" or 
"v29" or "v29.1". For Release candidates, use "v29-rc1", "v29-rc2", etc.
- There must be a git tag with the same value as the version on the same 
- There must be a themes.zip file 
http://themes.mythtv.org/themes/repository/29/themes.zip available as 
soon as we create a "v29-rc1" or "v29" version and tag.
- The MYTH_BINARY_VERSION in libmythbase/mythversion.h must have the 
same major version. In the version is v29, v29-pre, v29.1 the 
MYTH_BINARY_VERSION must be 29.xxxxxxxxxx. I am adding a check to fail 
the compile if this is not the case.

Note that the theme download caters for themes with subversions, as 

These exist

But this does not

Have we abandoned or forgotten to create theme downloads for subversions 
of 0.28? Or maybe that is only for special circumstances.

In the code it looks for all earlier subversions then ultimately for the 
main version. For example if you are on 0.28.2 it looks for 0.28.2, then 
0.28.1, then 0.28. It downloads all that are found.

In the 29 version, it will only cater for 1 level of subversions, i.e. 
it will look for 29.2 , 29.1, 29, but not 29.2.1. 29.2.1 would be 
treated the same as 29.2.

It seems to me that catering for subversions in themes is overkill. 
There does not seem to be anything in theme files that is not backwards 
compatible. Due to the above mentioned bug, many users today are 
downloading trunk versions of themes onto their 0.28  or 0.27 systems 
will no reported problem.

Any comments before I commit the changes?

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