[mythtv] Versions and theme download

Stuart Auchterlonie stuarta at squashedfrog.net
Tue May 2 14:23:26 UTC 2017

On 01/05/17 20:10, Peter Bennett wrote:
> Hi Stuart
> Re-sending this email because I had sent it from the wrong address.
> Regarding ticket #13020
> https://code.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/13020
> I want to make sure what I am doing will be consistent with the release
> process.
> Currently, only if MythTV is built with from a git branch called
> fixes/something is the theme download done from the specific version. In
> all other cases the themes are taken from trunk. All builds from a git
> export zip get their themes from trunk.
> (http://themes.mythtv.org/themes/repository/trunk/themes.zip)
> I am making changes in the build to ensure the correct version is
> obtained from git, or the tag name in EXPORTED_VERSION, or the VERSION
> file.
> I am changing theme download to use "trunk" only if
> - the version includes "-pre" (case insensitive),
> or
> - the version does not start with a v and a number. I am changing the
> compile to fail if the version does not start with v and a number, so
> this should never happen.
> We need to make sure:
> - The mythtv/VERSION file has the correct version e.g. "v29-pre" or
> "v29" or "v29.1". For Release candidates, use "v29-rc1", "v29-rc2", etc.
> - There must be a git tag with the same value as the version on the same
> branch.
> - There must be a themes.zip file
> http://themes.mythtv.org/themes/repository/29/themes.zip available as
> soon as we create a "v29-rc1" or "v29" version and tag.
> - The MYTH_BINARY_VERSION in libmythbase/mythversion.h must have the
> same major version. In the version is v29, v29-pre, v29.1 the
> MYTH_BINARY_VERSION must be 29.xxxxxxxxxx. I am adding a check to fail
> the compile if this is not the case.
> Note that the theme download caters for themes with subversions, as
> follows:
> These exist
> http://themes.mythtv.org/themes/repository/0.27/themes.zip
> http://themes.mythtv.org/themes/repository/0.27.1/themes.zip
> http://themes.mythtv.org/themes/repository/0.28/themes.zip
> But this does not
> http://themes.mythtv.org/themes/repository/0.28.1/themes.zip
> Have we abandoned or forgotten to create theme downloads for subversions
> of 0.28? Or maybe that is only for special circumstances.
> In the code it looks for all earlier subversions then ultimately for the
> main version. For example if you are on 0.28.2 it looks for 0.28.2, then
> 0.28.1, then 0.28. It downloads all that are found.
> In the 29 version, it will only cater for 1 level of subversions, i.e.
> it will look for 29.2 , 29.1, 29, but not 29.2.1. 29.2.1 would be
> treated the same as 29.2.
> It seems to me that catering for subversions in themes is overkill.
> There does not seem to be anything in theme files that is not backwards
> compatible. Due to the above mentioned bug, many users today are
> downloading trunk versions of themes onto their 0.28  or 0.27 systems
> will no reported problem.
> Any comments before I commit the changes?
> Peter

Hi Peter,

Does this take into consideration the following

"MythTV Branch : tag: v0.28"



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