[mythtv] Remove Fill Packets

Ryan Lavender ryanlavender at comcast.net
Thu Apr 23 14:45:16 UTC 2015

On 21/04/15 19:35, Ryan Lavender wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I am having an issue with my firewire cablebox, where the MPEG TS stream
> contains an overwhelming number of fill packets (PID = 0x1fff). This
> causes my recordings to be very large (2.4 GB = 10 min). Can someone
> point me in the right direction for writing a patch to get MythTV to
> discard fill packets?

> Hi Ryan, 
> I've no experience with the firewire recorder but from what I can see
> from the code, it looks like you should be able to alter the recording
> profile(s) for your card in mythtv-setup. Changing the 'Recording type'
> to 'Normal' to 'TV Only' should cause all non-video, audio or subtitle
> packets to be discarded.
> Richard. 

I don¹t see that option in mythtv-setup. Under recording profiles for my
Firewire Input, I have Default, Live TV, High Quality and Low Quality.
However, it doesn¹t really let me select one of them. If I click on one it
just takes me to a settings pages with only two option: Name and Allow
automatic transcoding.

I am using the fixes/0.27 branch.

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