[mythtv] upnp on master with panasonic viera series e5

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Wed Sep 24 13:54:28 UTC 2014

On 24/09/14 14:10, Stuart Morgan wrote:
> On Wednesday 24 Sep 2014 13:37:51 John Pilkington wrote:
>> On 24/09/14 11:55, Stuart Morgan wrote:
>>> I pushed a change last night that should at least correctly identify
>>> recordings as using a PS container if they were transcoded from within
>>> MythTV.
>> I have it running. v0.28-pre-2234-g87f72fb.  Unfortunately I haven't yet
>> had a successful run of mythtranscode --mpeg2, which I thought was
>> supposed to be OK now.  I'll look to see if I have 'interactive TV'
>> enabled, since it looks as if that might activate the missing codec.
> It's not working here either, I think it was broken by the last ffmpeg resync.
>>   From my point of view the SD/PS version is the finished product which I
>> would like to be able to watch on the 'big' screen via upnp; I usually
>> see the 'raw' SD/TS only during the editing process on the laptop.  If
>> that wouldn't be generally acceptable I think I might be able to
>> construct a patch...
> It's not 'acceptable' to DLNA. We can't mis-describe videos as PS even if they
> are TS, though that works for the Panasonic it's likely to break other upnp
> clients.

Yes, I was thinking of exploring a local option.

> For video we don't specify any DLNA profile at all. It sounds like an option to
> disable DLNA compliance would work well for you, I'll sort that out tonight.

Thanks,  I'll  try it asap - but this week Grandkids are restricting my 
TV access :-)  But playback control is somewhat better, and preferable, 
for Recordings.
>> Still no joy with Music. 'Cannot read file'.
> That's odd. Any idea which formats are supported for Music and what format are
> your files, flac, mp3, ogg?

I've just tried with a BBC podcast, mp3.  Mostly I have mp2 stripped 
from dvb, which is importable if re-badged as mp3; all still a bit 
experimental and I might well be missing something.

I'll attach the format list from magpie, as mentioned earlier.

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