[mythtv] Support for upcoming VDPAU on AMD and Myth Player

Mark Kendall mark.kendall at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 07:59:31 UTC 2011

2011/6/8 Marius Gröger <dargllun at googlemail.com>:
> Er, pretty embarrassing to write on a -dev list, but actually I didn't
> recompile MythTV for this test. I simply turned on VDPAU in the settings and
> tried to get some results. I would not think that recompiling MythTV changed
> the dependency on some nvidia specific library, except that I probably
> wouldn't even be able to even compile it without errors.

Well I'm guessing that however your version of MythTV was compiled, it
is linked against a vdpau library. In which case you may need to make
distclean, re-run configure and take it from there.

> What I suspect is that the player, while using VDPAU, also tinkers with some
> nvidia specific things. I meant to analyze the sources for more insight but
> haven't got round to it yet. If my suspicion is correct, then the generic
> VDPAU would be needed to be factored out somehow into s.th. which is
> generically usable.

VDPAU is an API. Yes - NVidia wrote it but you can't do anything
nvidia specific. You're either working with the API or you're not.

> Has anyone perhaps ever tried the VDPAU to XvBA bridge from Splitted Desktop
> with the Catalyst driver? That should show pretty much the same issues, and
> maybe they're solved already?

Do you mean VAAPI to XvBA?


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