[mythtv] Support for upcoming VDPAU on AMD and Myth Player

Marius Gröger dargllun at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 8 07:43:02 UTC 2011

2011/6/8 Mark Kendall <mark.kendall at gmail.com>

> On 7 June 2011 02:02, dargllun <dargllun at googlemail.com> wrote:
> > Now, how would I go about trying this for MythTV's internal player? I
> > did select VDPAU but it's not working that way. Apparently some nvidia
> > specific library is attempted to be loaded, which obviously doesn't
> > work. Is it possible to have the internal player omit any nvidia
> > proprietary extensions/additions and just use plain VDPAU like mplayer
> does?
> Greg
> Can you post the log output with the errors reported. Did you 'make
> distclean' before re-running configure?

Er, pretty embarrassing to write on a -dev list, but actually I didn't
recompile MythTV for this test. I simply turned on VDPAU in the settings and
tried to get some results. I would not think that recompiling MythTV changed
the dependency on some nvidia specific library, except that I probably
wouldn't even be able to even compile it without errors.

What I suspect is that the player, while using VDPAU, also tinkers with some
nvidia specific things. I meant to analyze the sources for more insight but
haven't got round to it yet. If my suspicion is correct, then the generic
VDPAU would be needed to be factored out somehow into s.th. which is
generically usable.

Has anyone perhaps ever tried the VDPAU to XvBA bridge from Splitted Desktop
with the Catalyst driver? That should show pretty much the same issues, and
maybe they're solved already?

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