[mythtv] Distributing an Updated Version of te Python Bindings

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Thu Nov 27 15:48:16 UTC 2008

> So I need to include the new python bindings with my apps. What is the 
> approved Myth way of doing this? My changes are purely new methods added 
> to the existing bindings, so they shouldn't break any existing things 
> that rely onto the bindings.

There isn't an approved way.

> I was planning on using distutils to create a package using the existing 
> Myth framework as found in bindings/python, so my new libs would 
> overwrite any existing ones when the user ran python setup.py install.

Assuming you can't just keep all the changes outside the main bindings 
that seems reasonable (your MythTV.py changes seem to fall in that 

Anduin Withers

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