[mythtv-users] Leanfront testers wanted for Android TV

Jon Boehm jon.s.boehm at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 18:35:17 UTC 2024

Leanfront is working OK here too.  I'm on a mid-gen Nvidia Shield.  I still
prefer a really old side-load build of the full MythTVFrontend.

* [Minor] Leanfront is a bit glitchy on starting playing after a skip but
this is pretty minor.  MythTVFrontend is smoother in these conditions.
Maybe it builds a larger local buffer before the playback starts.
* RWNDSTICKY and FFWDSTICKY - I much prefer the ability to semi-smooth
FF/RW in increments of x. My brain understands the flow of time much better
than the current small skip / big skip methods.  When commercial skip fails
I usually 3x, 5x, 10x,20x... fast forward with additional presses of the FF
key.  *I find the intelligent return to playback based on how fast I was
going excellent in MythTVFrontend.*  (I really miss how my 2000 Tivo would
do true smooth FF/RW but our ability to do smooth FF/RW is limited by the
underlying decode/display library & modern compression types and is not a
MythTV topic.)
* Remote key binding - Between various apps it is getting more challenging
to find compatible keybindings for FLIRC IR remote widget. It would be
helpful if LeanFront allowed for key binding editing.
* I have not figured out yet how LiveTV interacts with current
schedule listings, but I also haven't put much effort in.  I would like the
listing schedule to be the primary LiveTV interface over a simple channel
list. I only use LiveTV a couple of times a year.
* How much did I skip - I appreciate how  MythTVFrontend  says how much
time was skipped in a commercial skip.  Big skips are highly suspect and I
usually undo with a commercial back skip and manually  FFWDSTICKY

Thank you for the hard work.  While MythTVFrontend is still my preference,
I understand it is much harder to maintain and distribute. Plus its
interface is getting dated.

Thank you thank you!!

On Wed, Jan 17, 2024 at 8:33 AM Klaas de Waal <klaas.de.waal at gmail.com>

> Hi Peter,
> The Leanfront works OK here. What I do like very much is that it is
> capable of switching the output frequency to match the frame rate of the
> video. This is something mythfrontend does with an NVida graphics card but
> what mythfrontend does not do with Intel graphics.
> I also like that it goes back to the Shield main menu without
> prompting "Are you really sure you do want to exit from this very wonderful
> app" which most other apps tend to do.
> There is of course also room for improvement:
> - Going back from playing a recording to the recordings menu, it first
> shows the page where you came from and then it repaints (?) itself together
> with an animation of the selected program. This is a bit annoying.
> - The program guide is hidden in a rather non-intuitive (for me...)
> location.
> - The program guide shows all channels for all video sources. This is OK
> if you have only one video source but not if you have more video sources.
> Also, it shows channels of video sources that are not connected to a
> capture card and hence can never be used. This was all fixed a long time
> ago in mythfrontend. This comment is about the same as what I gave on the
> initial version of the program guide for the new web frontend.
> - The first entry for the playback menu's is "All", the second one is
> Default. The first one shows the recordings but it shows also all live TV
> recordings that have been made. This is something I do not want to see. If,
> when playing live TV, I want to make a recording of it I do press the "R"
> and then it becomes a real recording.
> Altogether it is a nice piece of work!
> Hope this helps,
> Klaas.
> On Fri, 12 Jan 2024 at 02:05, Bill Meek <keemllib at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Tuesday 09 January 2024 10:53:20 AM (-06:00), Peter Bennett wrote:
>>  > Hi All
>>  >
>>  > To all who possess an Android TV device that is not an Amazon fire tv
>> or
>> fire tv stick.
>>  >
>>  > I am working on getting leanfront available in the google app store.
>>  >
>>  > Google have a requirement that it be installed from the play store and
>> tested by 20 users for 14 days continuously before it can be made
>> generally
>> available.
>>  >
>>  > This is a new requirement from Google that started last November.
>>  >
>>  > 20 users have to install leanfront on their devices and leave it there
>> for at least 14 days. It has to be installed from the play store using a
>> special URL. How much you use the application is not important, but it
>> may
>> be important that the google TV device be powered on.
>>  >
>>  > If you have a non-fire android TV or google TV device (e.g. NVidia
>> Shield, onn streaming box, google chrome cast, Smart TV with android TV),
>> please assist in this process.
>>  >
>>  > You need to email me the google logon email address that you use with
>> the device. I have to add email addresses to a list at google. Only
>> people
>> on the list can install leanfront from the play store.
>>  >
>>  > I will send instructions to you once I have the email address added at
>> google.
>>  >
>>  > Peter
>> Just an FYI for those considering jumping in: My cable provider switched
>> to
>> streaming boxes (HLS) which are Android
>> based, so I loaded the app on both of mine (model Pyxis-RCN).
>> Yet another way for 'dumb' TV sets to get smart.
>> --
>> Bill
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