[mythtv-users] Listing problem

Steve Greene sgreene820 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 14:34:10 UTC 2024

I'm not sure if this is a bug or a residual issue from creating my
listings. I have a non-standard setup, with both Verizon FIOS and OTA
sources. The documentation wasn't much help with this use case, but I
discovered that I could create mid-tier config files for each source, with
a master config that combined both.

My problem relates to the long process of editing the listings. One
channel, Discovery, I inadvertently left out of the listings. I had to go
back into to edit the whole source to get it back. Since then, the listings
for Discovery don't show up in the guide, but the information is there,
since my recording rules will pickup programs on that channel. I've gone
back to edit the source several times, but it doesn't fix the issue.

By the way, is anyone working on a gui for this editing process? There are
too many channels for me to edit without hours of work.

Steve Greene
(301) 842-8923
An independent archival professional specializing in still photography,
moving images and recorded sound.
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