[mythtv-users] Comcast Cable Card: Suddenly "No Entitlement"

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 13:25:16 UTC 2023

On 8/31/23 23:45, Gary Buhrmaster wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 1, 2023 at 12:16 AM Peter Bennett<pb.mythtv at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Today I found that the cable card in my Infinitv can no longer receive
>> any channels. The message on the Ceton status for the tuner is "No
>> Entitlement", even for basic broadcast channels.
>> Has anybody else experienced this?
> I have not, but I am both in a different region,
> and using different equipment (and in Comcastic
> land, any/all of those things can matter a lot).
> ---
> By any chance did you recently (up to around a
> month ago) change anything in regards to your
> account plan (new plan/promo/services?)

No - the only thing was delete one email address and change another 
(because of the huge amount of spam). I did this entirely through the 
web site.

The web site still shows my equipment as being a cable card.

> No entitlement is what it says, and means that
> the CableCARD has not recently received a
> proper set of authorizations (CableCARDs
> have a grace period of not receiving those
> signals, which may be as long as 30 days).
> Sometimes the issue is that the signal levels
> have gone to crap.  Sometimes the issue is
> a change to your account has resulted in the
> CableCARD no longer being on the account.
> And, sometimes, the CableCARD just dies.
> And in the case of InfiniTV cards, sometimes
> they go sideways (they run very very hot, and
> have been known to go sideways when they
> get too hot (if it is an internal card, blow the
> dust away, if it is an external device, add a
> cooling fan)).
I have a fan under it and it feels cool.

According to the status page:
Temperature: 33.6 C

> A couple of questions:
> * Does your CableCARD show as authenticated/authorized?
Card Authorization: Validated, validation message is received, 
authenticated, and the IDs match those in the current binding
> * Does your CableCARD signal level appear reasonable
> and show a locked OOB

Signal Level: 1.7 dBmV
Signal To Noise Level: 39.9 dB

Out Of Band Frequency: 104.250 Mhz
Out Of Band Carrier Lock: Locked
Out Of Band MER: 35 db/10

I don't know if this is good or bad.

> * And (this can be related) does Comcast now
> offer 2gb/s service to your specific location (which implies
> mid-split, and DAA nodes, and may have impacted
> signal levels or proper provisioning,
They offer up to GIGABIT EXTRA 1200 Mbps. I have CONNECT MORE 200 Mbps
>   and do you
> use a Comcast gateway?)
I have my own cable modem
>   Comcast is marketing
> this as "10G", and it is being rolled out node by
> node.
> ---
> If the CableCARD does not show as authenticated
> or authorized, but otherwise the OOB shows locked
> and good signals you will need to do the dance you
> wish to avoid.
> If the CableCARD levels are poor, you may
> need to get a tech visit before you do anything
> else.
> If you have a poor quality splitter between
> your gateway, and your InfiniTV (and maybe
> even if a higher quality splitted depending on
> whether the InfiniTV has proper design points)
> you can try to replace the splitter, or add a
> mid-split HPF to protect your InfiniTV if your
> location has been mid-split-ized (no, that is
> not a word).
> FWIW, CableCARDs do die, and while not
> common, it does happen.  Note that last I knew
> local stores no longer stock CableCARDs,
> so getting a replacement will require having
> them order one, or for the tech you have
> visit order one, and wait a week or so for
> shipment.

Thank you for the detailed reply.

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