[mythtv-users] AndroidTV and leanfront: occasional 'ear-protection' limit

Dan Ritter dsr-myth at randomstring.org
Fri May 12 23:51:58 UTC 2023

John Pilkington wrote: 
> Perps that was too much info.  I want analog audio, which the manufacturer
> provides only from the headphone socket.  The manufacturer also provides
> digital audio, either optically or via HDMI ARC.

OK, optical to RCA stereo is easy enough.

$14 and it even comes with the TOSLink optical cable.

or for $28 you can get one that will do HDMI audio extraction as

Either one of these should solve your problem by moving the
output from the safety-switched headphone jack to the line-level
digital outputs, which then get decoded into analog.


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