[mythtv-users] AndroidTV and leanfront: occasional 'ear-protection' limit

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Fri May 12 20:19:25 UTC 2023

On 12/05/2023 16:11, John Pilkington wrote:
> On 12/05/2023 14:25, Peter Bennett wrote:
>> On 5/10/23 16:03, John Pilkington wrote:
>>> On 10/05/2023 19:32, Dan Ritter wrote:
>>>> John Pilkington wrote:
>>>>> I've come across a minor playback quirk with leanfront on my Sony 
>>>>> Android
>>>>> TV, which drives my vintage stereo system from its headphone 
>>>>> socket.   The
>>>>> Android version is 11, device name BRAVIA TL and its firmware date 
>>>>> is now
>>>>> 2022 Nov 16.
>>>> Is it possible that the TV has a stereo pair of RCA jack outputs on the
>>>> back? If so, that would be a preferable output to your music
>>>> system, and shouldn't pass through the TV's limiter function at
>>>> all.
>>>> -dsr-
>>> Thanks for the suggestion, but I think the answer is No.
>>> The supported Audio outputs appear to be HDMI ARC and digital 
>>> optical, both two channel linear PCM 48 kHz 16 bits, or Dolby Audio.
>>> A footnote tells me to 'Connect your audio system to the HDMI IN 1 to 
>>> route TV audio to your audio system'.  Strangely, my stereo doesn't 
>>> have an HDMI socket.
>>> Even the headphone socket seems to be an endangered species now. 
>>> Headphones are wireless and audio systems are soundbars or other 
>>> digital exotica.  I expect I shall stay with what I've got.
>>> Cheers,
>>> John
>> I am confused. I thought that a Sony Android TV was a TV with android 
>> built in. So you are driving your stereo from the TV headphone socket, 
>> but the second and third emails say that you are not. Are you running 
>> leanfront on the TV or on something else?
>> Peter
> I'm fairly sure that the 'ear-protection' drops in volume have been 
> while running leanfront on the TV's hardware under its Android OS, but 
> the info above was copied from the TV user's manual (and I could quote 
> it in 18 other languages).
> leanfront gets its content via ethernet, but the TV also has 3 HDMI 
> inputs as well as DVB and network sources.  One HDMI input comes from 
> the nVidia card in the Myth FE/BE Fedora box and can display content 
> from that by mythfrontend, mpv, vlc, browsers, terminals etc.
> I find it easy to choose what I'm using, but it wouldn't be a 
> family-friendly setup.  It's even worse when feeding an HDMI input from 
> a FireStick, with two different remotes in action.  I don't usually do 
> that now.
> Whatever, I think the ear-protection experience is an Android OS 
> feature.  The popup display shows a headphone symbol; it actually shows 
> TV-audio gain rather than absolute output level.
> Sorry for the confusion.

Perps that was too much info.  I want analog audio, which the 
manufacturer provides only from the headphone socket.  The manufacturer 
also provides digital audio, either optically or via HDMI ARC.
> John

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