[mythtv-users] Fix for forced subtitle problems

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 18:13:34 UTC 2023

On 12/16/23 10:46, Paul Harrison wrote:
>>> Option 3 - what my commits do (although seemingly not on master)
>>>     If a video has no forced track then the player starts in the
>>> Off state. TOGGLECC toggles between Off and On.
>>>     If a video does have a forced track then the player starts
>>> in the
>>> Almost Off state. TOGGLECC toggles between Almost Off and On. If you
>>> want no subtitles at all, not even forced then you have to use the
>>> menu to and select "Disable forced subtitles", whereupon TOGGLECC
>>> will then toggle between Off and On.
>>> In my opinion this is the optimal behaviour. It has more complexity
>>> in
>>> the programming, but is actually easier to use. You can still use
>>> TOGGLECC to obtain the full subtitles at any time, when you mishear
>>> something, but you get the non-forced automatically which you're
>>> likely
>>> to want because you don't understand Dothraki.
>> I agree that this is the optimal behavior.
>> David
> Yep I agree with David this seems to be the way they should work. 
> Obviously if there are no subtitles or forced subtitles don't show the 
> option to turn them on in the menu's etc.
> Paul H.
I tested the pull request https://github.com/MythTV/mythtv/pull/821 with 
master and it works as described for Option 3 above.

I tested VLC and what it does is as follows: If there is a forced track 
it enables it on start. From then onwards, toggle subtitles (shift-V) 
enables or disables the forced track. If you select another subtitle it 
disables the forced. In other words the forced indicator only turns on 
the forced track at the start, after that it has no effect. This is what 
MythTV does without the pull request.

Another difference with VLC is if you have an external subtitle file 
(srt file), it makes that a forced subtitle in preference to the forced 
subtitle in the file. MythTV does not do this but it does make the 
external subtitle the default if you toggle on.

Leanfront works like VLC, except it does not support external subtitles 
(srt files) at this time.

Unless anybody objects, I will merge the pull request.


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