[mythtv-users] bug in mythbackend setup

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 15:00:48 UTC 2023

On 12/15/23 16:38, James Linder wrote:
> Peter thanks
> I can’t think of a way around Some Updates don’t need backend stopped.
> mythtv-setup gives you the option so if eg I was busy recording I could
> update number of virtual channels without breaking the recording
> Also eg in QT you CAN’T push a greyed button but here it stoped the
> ‘unsaved’ messages.
> If you were able to harness that then the desperate push could unleash a
>   dialog explaining rather than cluttering your display with a message
> that users need to see once then they always understand.
> In QT I would RENDER the button greyed. Pushing it would unleash the
> dialog, and render the button normal.
> Pushing again would save and all hell may break loose, but you were
> warned. (Without the dialog, but with warning is what mythtv-setup does)
> (Actually I would render in say yellow, usually you never push a greyed
> button)
> I’n neither asking for, or sugesting that you do, mearly floating ideas
> for you.
> I’m using webfrontend everyday now and it is ’nice’ and ‘easy’.
> Thankyou. I cannot contemplate not being able to use a mouse. But as a
> greybeard aspects of the UI that are obvious elude me. My Problem not
> yours.
> EG I asked my grandson how you set the program guide time he said by
> "clicking this". I had tried drop-downs and editing the text field
> (which is cumbersom) but not “clicking this” which you explained to me.
> <sigh>
> James

I am looking for an easy way to solve the problem of people not 
realizing that they cannot save unless they click "Enable Updates". 
There are 30 save buttons in setup and adding a message box and logic to 
each is more work and more risk of screw-ups. Adding the extra message 
on the screen is easy.

Options for making setup changes without backend restart:

If you enable updates while a recording is in progress it will not stop 
the recording, but other recordings will not start. Note that next to 
the "enable updates" button it displays the details of the next 
recording, or one in progress, to help you decide.

- You could enable updates, make the changes, then remember to restart 
after the recording is finished.

- You could enable updates, make the changes, then run a command that 
will enable recordings again without a restart (potentially dangerous):

   curl -X POST "http://backend:6544/Myth/ManageScheduler?Enable=true"

- I could add a button somewhere with warnings that enables updates 
without disabling recordings (potentially dangerous)

- I could add a button somewhere with warnings that enables recordings 
after updates, without a restart (potentially dangerous)

These scenarios have not been tested.

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