[mythtv-users] Fix for forced subtitle problems

Angela angela.schmid at wolke7.net
Tue Dec 5 19:49:57 UTC 2023

>>> 1. I would prefer to display both, when to many garbling's happen, 
>>> and it annoys, the forced can be shut-off (considering the user has 
>>> the global option "active subtitle" enabled, to enable the non-forced also).
>> Yeah, that may be best. We could see what the consensus is for this. 
>> That should be the behaviour when taking just the first two commits.
>>> 2. You mentioned, that non-forced take precedence at startup. When 
>>> only showing one caption, I would rather go with the non-forced ones 
>>> (considering the user has the global option "active subtitle" enabled).
>> Yes, I think the choice is either both or the non-forced, otherwise 
>> the problem this is supposed to fix would remain: we would have forced 
>> subtitles being active inhibiting non-forced.
>>> Maybe at the beginning go with 1., when many negative reactions, 
>>> implement 2.
>> That's fine with me.

I tried with only the first two commits; forced subtitle shown, I would prefer the non-forced.

>Actually, I remember now that there is one more argument for going for option 2 over option 1. The behaviour without my changes did not permit two simultaneous AV subtitles: you could not select a forced track and a non-forced track together. So, Option 2 is a lesser alteration of behaviour.

I found the following information:

"Subtitle selection" (bottom of the page)
"This means that even if the user’s preferences wouldn’t normally call for captions here, the Forced track should be selected nonetheless, rather than selecting no track at all. On the other hand, if the user’s preferences do call for captions, the non-Forced tracks should be preferred, as the Forced track will not contain captioning for the dialogue."

And checked some behavior with VLC:
- when subtitles enabled, starts always with a forced in the preferred language.

I would like to revise my comments from previous mails (having two captions at the same time displayed), and would suggest the following (which is in line with your opinion):

- user has disabled "enable subtitles": show no subtitles (this is how VLC implements, but not according the guidelines from the "note")
- user has enabled "enable subtitles": when non-forced available, otherwise forced (this differs from VLC behavior, but goes with the "note" and would be my preferred), the chosen subtitle needs to be 'active' so that later toggles work on this subtitle.
- only one subtitle is shown
- NEXTSUBTITLE:  looping through all available subtitles (non-forced, forced, external), this is already true for non-forced and forced
- TOGGLECC: enables/disabled the current selected subtitle
- Remove the playback menu setting "enable/disable" forced subtitle (and related code), it only needs one toggle for enable/disable subtitle, and that for the currently selected one.

VLC and the "note" have different implementations/guidelines, I would prefer a mix of both as described above. 
When there would be people who want to have the current (forced) behavior be kept, then change the global settings to: "no subtitles", "subtitles (default forced") as currently implemented, and add new "subtitles (default non-forced)".

What are your thoughts.

Further observations:
I had also a look at the handling of external subtitles, it seems to be very limited, it just takes one with base-filename + ".srt" (have to look the code what are the possible options).
VLC merges all subtitles together (internal, external, teletext). When implemented similar in MythTV it would make the following menus obsolete (and therefor easier):
"Select Teletext CC" / TT C1: <language>
"Text Subtitles" / "Enable/Disable External Subtitles"

In case of external and teletext subtitles TOGGLESUBTITLE disables, but never enables them back again. It can get reactivated by pressing twice TOGGLECC again (off and on).

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