[mythtv-users] Fix for forced subtitle problems

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Tue Dec 5 22:59:09 UTC 2023

On 05/12/2023 19:49, Angela via mythtv-users wrote:
>>>> 1. I would prefer to display both, when to many garbling's happen,
>>>> and it annoys, the forced can be shut-off (considering the user has
>>>> the global option "active subtitle" enabled, to enable the non-forced also).
>>> Yeah, that may be best. We could see what the consensus is for this.
>>> That should be the behaviour when taking just the first two commits.
>>>> 2. You mentioned, that non-forced take precedence at startup. When
>>>> only showing one caption, I would rather go with the non-forced ones
>>>> (considering the user has the global option "active subtitle" enabled).
>>> Yes, I think the choice is either both or the non-forced, otherwise
>>> the problem this is supposed to fix would remain: we would have forced
>>> subtitles being active inhibiting non-forced.
>>>> Maybe at the beginning go with 1., when many negative reactions,
>>>> implement 2.
>>> That's fine with me.
> I tried with only the first two commits; forced subtitle shown, I would prefer the non-forced.

I've gotten lost now in where this is going. With the first two commits, 
the intention is that you get the forced subtitles (if present) without 
having to explicitly enable them - when you want the non-forced 
subtitles, you just hit the T key (TOGGLECC) to make them display. When 
you no longer want the non-forced subtitles, you hit the T key again to 
disable them and the forced ones will still be enabled. If that's not 
the behaviour you're seeing then perhaps the commits aren't working 
correctly on master, or for some videos.

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