[mythtv-users] Fix for forced subtitle problems

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Mon Dec 4 23:32:11 UTC 2023

On 04/12/2023 21:00, Angela via mythtv-users wrote:
> Hi Paul
>> It's the behaviour of toggle that is altered - "TV Playback TOGGLECC" - the command by default assigned to the T key.
> "TV Playback	TOGGLECC	Toggle any captions"
> toggles also teletext captions.
> The behavior is the same: "subtitle on/off" (displayed in OSD)
> Is it correct that you mentioned it should flip to enable between forced and non-forced?

If you just take my first two commits then TOGGLECC should toggle on/off 
the "chosen as best" non-forced subtitle. It should do so even if there 
is a forced subtitle and that forced subtitle is active (as is the 
default when a video starts). It is that second condition that is new 
behaviour: without my first two commits, when a forced subtitle was 
active, TOGGLECC didn't enabled/disabled the non-forced subtitle.

I you take all 3 of my commits then, when the non-forced subtitle is 
enabled, the forced one is also disabled, so it swaps between the two.

> "TV Playback	TOGGLESUBTITLE	Toggle Subtitles"
> The behavior is the same: "subtitle on/off" (displayed in OSD)

I haven't tested TOGGLESUBTITLE, but that should be affected too I'd guess.

> Both keys behave the same when an mkv is played (not the case when playback TV with teletext captions).
>> I was uncertain about that last commit. It's worth trying with and without. I added that commit because I believe that it is common for non-forced tracks to provide a superset of the text in forced tracks.
>> Without that last commit, you may often find that you see the same text twice on screen.
> That's what I also mentioned, that it might get garbled. The number of forced texts is rather low.
> In "full" non-forced, also the forced are included.
> I am not sure if I had once forced and non-forced displaying at the same time. Maybe it stopped working at a given time. In early years external subtitles were common, and had to toggle through them.
> Chances are that they cover each other nicely.
> As mentioned, the menu has two enable/disable forced and non-forced options. This suggest both can be displayed at the same time.
> 1. I would prefer to display both, when to many garbling's happen, and it annoys, the forced can be shut-off (considering the user has the global option "active subtitle" enabled, to enable the non-forced also).

Yeah, that may be best. We could see what the consensus is for this. 
That should be the behaviour when taking just the first two commits.

> 2. You mentioned, that non-forced take precedence at startup. When only showing one caption, I would rather go with the non-forced ones (considering the user has the global option "active subtitle" enabled).

Yes, I think the choice is either both or the non-forced, otherwise the 
problem this is supposed to fix would remain: we would have forced 
subtitles being active inhibiting non-forced.

> Maybe at the beginning go with 1., when many negative reactions, implement 2.

That's fine with me.

>> See above. Perhaps the behaviour of NEXTSUBTITLE could be changed as well. I haven't thought through that possibility.
> I would rather leave it, as it loops through all subtitles (forced/non-forced) and enables one at a time.

Hopefully my commits don't affect NEXTSUBTITLE. They weren't intended to.

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