[mythtv-users] Fix for forced subtitle problems

Angela angela.schmid at wolke7.net
Mon Dec 4 21:00:32 UTC 2023

Hi Paul

>It's the behaviour of toggle that is altered - "TV Playback TOGGLECC" - the command by default assigned to the T key.

"TV Playback	TOGGLECC	Toggle any captions"
toggles also teletext captions. 
The behavior is the same: "subtitle on/off" (displayed in OSD)
Is it correct that you mentioned it should flip to enable between forced and non-forced?

"TV Playback	TOGGLESUBTITLE	Toggle Subtitles"
The behavior is the same: "subtitle on/off" (displayed in OSD)

Both keys behave the same when an mkv is played (not the case when playback TV with teletext captions).

>I was uncertain about that last commit. It's worth trying with and without. I added that commit because I believe that it is common for non-forced tracks to provide a superset of the text in forced tracks. 
>Without that last commit, you may often find that you see the same text twice on screen.

That's what I also mentioned, that it might get garbled. The number of forced texts is rather low.
In "full" non-forced, also the forced are included. 
I am not sure if I had once forced and non-forced displaying at the same time. Maybe it stopped working at a given time. In early years external subtitles were common, and had to toggle through them.
Chances are that they cover each other nicely.

As mentioned, the menu has two enable/disable forced and non-forced options. This suggest both can be displayed at the same time.

1. I would prefer to display both, when to many garbling's happen, and it annoys, the forced can be shut-off (considering the user has the global option "active subtitle" enabled, to enable the non-forced also).
2. You mentioned, that non-forced take precedence at startup. When only showing one caption, I would rather go with the non-forced ones (considering the user has the global option "active subtitle" enabled).

Maybe at the beginning go with 1., when many negative reactions, implement 2.

Would you maybe rethink this over?

>See above. Perhaps the behaviour of NEXTSUBTITLE could be changed as well. I haven't thought through that possibility.

I would rather leave it, as it loops through all subtitles (forced/non-forced) and enables one at a time.

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