[mythtv-users] Android mythfrontend mysql driver problems

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 20:04:54 UTC 2022

There are multiple problems in mythfrontend master on android.

The one I am currently investigating is the database connection.

The makelibs.sh script is building mariadb-connector. There is an option 
to build a mysql connector but that is not invoked by default.

After building and installing on fire stick 4K, mythfrontend fails thus:
mythdbcon.cpp:84:MSqlDatabase  FATAL: Unable to load the QT QMYSQL 
driver, is it installed?

I tried to run the makelibs.sh with the mysqlplugin option and that 
failed, it is looking for a QT directory that does not exist. The only 
database driver in the QT source is sqlite.

I don't know why we are building the mariadb connector and what happened 
to the mysql qt driver.

Anybody have ideas on this?

Perhaps there is a separate download for the QT Mysql driver source? How 
did this work before?


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