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James jam at tigger.ws
Thu May 26 15:27:35 UTC 2022

> On 26 May 2022, at 10:57 pm, Stephen Worthington <stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz> wrote:
>> I guess I wanted to hear that someone was using mythtv on ubuntu.
>> James Abernathy is using a newish nuc as a backend, what distro are you using?
> I have been running my MythTV on first KnoppMyth starting in 2007,
> then Mythbuntu after a couple of years and when that stopped, Xubuntu.
> Currently 20.04 LTS.  Always (so far) with Nvidia video cards.  Ubuntu
> is likely the most used system for running MythTV on.  I run a
> frontend/backend system.  I also run my mother's system on a similar
> setup, and my laptop dual boots Win 11 and Ubuntu and also runs
> MythTV.  My main desktop Linux system is also Ubuntu and has a testing
> and emergency backup MythTV system on it, and my mother's old retired
> motherboard runs Ubuntu and MythTV still on yet another PC I use for
> testing things also.  My RPi 4B (Debian Bullseye 64 bit) also now has
> a MythTV frontend, but I have not got that working well enough to be
> useful yet.

I suffered from the same issue when trying to use gstreamer !

Every thing I look at eg htop eg nmon looks fine (cpu down sub 5%) but until reboot the system is sluggish or in this case damned sluggish.
With gstreamer I got flicker of cpu freq to FSD but with this I see nothing except slow system and jittery mythtv.
Natch it needs to cross my mind .... fixes/32 .... ubuntu 20.04 ...
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