[mythtv-users] Thank you to the mythtv people who make my life better.

Chris Nicholls chris at czar.cc
Fri May 27 07:45:56 UTC 2022

I would just like to thank the Mythtv devs. I have been using Mythtv for 
over 15 years now and it is the only way to hadle life TV and media.

Over the last 2 years through Covid I have been able to watch the live 
TV and skip the never ending political point scoring going on.

Being able to play music from my collection and at the same time have 
photos on the TV from holiday trips has been very upfifting.

Mythtv may not be perfect but I have not found anything better.

The amount of work that goes in to keeping Mythtv evolving is amazing,

so thankyou


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