[mythtv-users] remote control mostly stopped working

Werner Mahr werner at vollstreckernet.de
Tue Nov 24 13:05:49 UTC 2020

Am Dienstag, 24. November 2020, 06:46:57 CET schrieb TODD ANDERSON:
> It seems that some Ubuntu update screwed up my remote control.  I have a
> Hauppauge remote and the arrow keys still work but basically nothing else. 
> From ir-keytable, it seems like /etc/rc_keymaps/hauppauge isn't being
> loaded at startup anymore.  If I load the file manually with ir-keytable -c
> -w /etc/rc_keymaps/hauppague then ir-keytable -t will report the correct
> scancodes and mappings when I push the remote buttons but it is like those
> keystrokes aren't sent to mythfrontend because still only the arrow keys
> work.
> In mythfrontend setup, when using ir-keytable, I just want to make sure that
> LIRC daemon socket should be empty.  Should the evdev device name go
> anywhere in the mythfrontend setup?
> Any suggestions for what the problem could be?

Like Stephen suggested, the configs and mappings are configured different. My 
appraoch for this (debian not ubuntu, and I'm lazy) was to just configure 
mythfrontend to react to the unmapped values. So you can just go to config 
screen, if you call the menu with blue-button (like I do) try to map menu to 
blue-button in frontend instead of mapping blue-button to m in system.

MfG usw.

Werner Mahr

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