[mythtv-users] remote control mostly stopped working

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Tue Nov 24 11:40:41 UTC 2020

On Mon, 23 Nov 2020 21:46:57 -0800 (PST), you wrote:

>It seems that some Ubuntu update screwed up my remote control.  I have a Hauppauge remote and the arrow keys still work but basically nothing else.  From ir-keytable, it seems like /etc/rc_keymaps/hauppauge isn't being loaded at startup anymore.  If I load the file manually with ir-keytable -c -w /etc/rc_keymaps/hauppague then ir-keytable -t will report the correct scancodes and mappings when I push the remote buttons but it is like those keystrokes aren't sent to mythfrontend because still only the arrow keys work.
>In mythfrontend setup, when using ir-keytable, I just want to make sure that LIRC daemon socket should be empty.  Should the evdev device name go anywhere in the mythfrontend setup?
>Any suggestions for what the problem could be?

The symptoms you are describing are what you get when LIRC is not
running but the kernel drivers are seeing the remote and passing
through the arrow keys.  I think the number keys may work also.  If it
is what I think, you will also find that the remote buttons that work
will also work in terminal sessions under X.  And the Power button may
put your PC to sleep if you push it, so do not try that until you have
fixed the configuration.

What was the upgrade you did that caused this?  This is a known
problem when you upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04, as the version of LIRC got
upgraded to a much newer version that is configured completely
differently.  The LIRC package is also broken in Ubuntu 18.04 and
20.04 (and presumably all versions in between) in that its Python
lirc-setup program needs a library file that is not installed.  It
seems that the person doing the packaging never tests the package
except on his development machine where that library is already
installed.  There are other less critical broken bits too.  I have fix
scripts for 18.04 and 20.04 that fix all the problems I know of with
the respective LIRC packages.  They download the source code and
compile it to get the missing library and fix lots of other things.
They can be downloaded from my web server:


Even after you have run one of those scripts, you will still need to
update your lirc configuration to the new setup.  The kernel devinput
driver is used for all the Hauppauge remotes I have, and also for my
MCE remote.  Previously, LIRC used to load its own drivers (which it
can still do), but now most IR remotes now use builtin kernel drivers
and you need to reconfigure to use them.  I have MCE and Hauppauge
remotes working on 3 PCs using 20.04 now, so I can provide a full set
of config files if you need that.  Your customisations of the
keystrokes will not match mine, but they will give you what you need
to modify your files.

So exactly what system, and what IR hardware (receiver, remote), are
you using?

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