[mythtv-users] V30 frontend on Raspberry PI3 B+

Jack McGee jack at greendesk.net
Wed Jan 30 12:52:09 UTC 2019

On 1/29/19 4:42 PM, Greg Oliver wrote:

> I also never watch LiveTV (except the Dallas Cowboys game a few weeks 
> back).  *But*, I have 2 Shield's in the house running Kodi with the 
> MythTV PVR Plugin that watch LiveTV all day long practically.  Never an 
> issue in over a year, so I cannot say LiveTV does not work, just in 
> certain configurations I would obviously say :)

Another datapoint. I have a Intel PC with NVidia card that will not do 
Live TV without major stuttering. It will also not watch a recording in 
The same machine, running Kodi Mythtv PVR does both live and in progress 
recordings fine.

I also have a Raspberry PI running Mythtv Frontend. It will do live TV 
and recordings in progress.

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