[mythtv-users] 29.1 is good, but setup gui's went backwards

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Sat Jan 19 02:14:50 UTC 2019

> On 18 Jan 2019, at 8:00 pm, mythtv-users-request at mythtv.org wrote:
>>> ?I upgraded to 29.1 and the setup in general went well.?For the first
>> time i was able to carry over my sql database and not start from scratch
>> (my issue not mythtv's)The bind address and pin code for the database was a
>> little hassle to get a remote frontend working, but ok.
>>> The biggest thing im surprised at was the redesign of setup gui
>> dialog's.It appears its being setup for a vertical phone screen so a user
>> can swipe it top to bottom.But im just finding it hard to really find
>> settings that care about. I used to know where they were on the screen. I
>> thought the organization of the settings was well.Now i feel like im
>> looking at huge drop down's and my setting is hidden somewhere in the list
>> of options.I feel like every option screen looks the same. Overall i feel
>> like this is a regress in functionality.Im pretty experienced with the
>> settings, but if i was a new user this setup would be frustrating to find
>> anything.I dont know is this dependent on the theme?
>>> It's hard in general to complain about myth since its been rock solid
>> for so long.
>> I agree! In my derogatotry way I have used the words ?mobile phone set? to
>> describe UI choices, but two important items:.
>> 1) The developers work on things and in ways that gives them satisfaction.
>> 2) Do most users think this is kewl, or they prefer the old UI?
> Sorry you guys don't like it, but the old UI is gone.  It was way to hard
> to maintain.  It was also a nightmare for "themers".
> The new UI is *somewhat* theme dependent, but not significantly.  A default
> layout is provided by MythTV and then the theme can tweak it -- to a
> point.  For the most part, all the themes just use the default layout but
> with some adjustments to match the themes color scheme.  The only theme
> (that I know of) which tries to be at all different are the various
> incarnations of Steppes, but even it probably will not alleviate your
> complaints.

>> 1) The developers work on things and in ways that gives them satisfaction.

John, if any interpretation of that stement is negative then, let me clearly state that I think that it is meet and right that the developers do work on stuff that interests them!
Knowing that the UI change was not arbitary, and I can see why the newer UI is easier than the old to maintain and to theme, then I have to down grade my me-too to ‘I prefered the old UI, I found it easier to use’


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