[mythtv-users] Poor H.264 1080p playback

Richard Shaw hobbes1069 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 15:05:44 UTC 2019

I was hoping my system upgrade would have fixed the problem but it has not.

I recently upgraded the CPU to a 4 core Athlon w/ 16GB of memory but I
still have a fanless GT730 for the video card. I wouldn't think 1080p H.264
playback would be an issue for a fairly "modern" system but I find myself
switching to my Roku/Plex to playback archived movies.

To be accurate I have not had problem with Comcast H.264 recordings from my
HDHR-CC which makes me think it's more of a high bitrate problem?

I'm running the current Nvidia drivers from RPM Fusion.

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